Breaking-in your new DW™ Glove



1 – Don’t stick it in the oven or microwave.

Heating your glove is extremely hard on the leather and causes the laces to dry out and break.  Trust me on this one.


2- Don’t steam your glove.

“Steaming” your glove temporarily makes the glove easier to work with, however it will cause the life span of the glove to drop significantly.  The leather will become dry and will cause cracking, and it is even worse for the lacing.   It also voids the warranty.


3- Don’t submerge your glove in water.

Once again, submerging the glove in water will have the same effect as heating the glove or steaming it – both the laces and leather will dry out and crack.


4 – Don’t drive your car over it.

You just spent a good amount of money on a quality glove and now you want to run a 2,000+ pound vehicle over it?  Probably not the best idea…


5 – Don’t cover it with oil.

Oil will soften the leather and make it more workable. However, oil also sits in the glove making it a little heavier, it can soak through the leather and into the padding of the palm, and, eventually, oil will start to break down the leather.

What You SHOULD Do


1 – Play catch with it. (And only you should play catch with it on your hand).

No doubt the best way to break-in the new glove.  This will cause the glove to be fully custom to your hand and will allow it to mold to fit your hand.  If you purchased one of our gloves this will be exceptionally true; its soft elk lining will mold to your hand much better than conventional deer lining.


2 – Use a mallet

It’s ok to use a mallet to pound the pocket of a glove.  Just don’t overuse it.  I would recommend putting a plastic bag over it so the mallet doesn’t scratch the glove. We recommend a rubber mallet and put a plastic bag over it so it doesn’t scuff up the glove.


3 – Do use a lanolin based cream

Use a lanolin-based cream in moderation. I generally recommend putting it in the pocket; some will put it on the outside of the fingers, too. Unlike oil, lanolin-based creams don’t soak into the leather and don’t make the glove heavy.


4Mold the glove with a ball inside

Put a ball in it and tie the glove closed and/or put it between a mattress and bed spring.


5 – Revisit step number #1.

Remember the best way to break-in the glove is to play catch with it!